Surface preparation is a crucial step when using ceramic coating, ceramic spray, or sealant of any kind as it helps the bonding and durability of the ceramic.
There are key steps in order to make sure the finish is in perfect condition and correct cleaning methods are applied to ensure optimum bonding and long lasting results.


Start of by cleaning your vehicle thoroughly, ideally to take off any sealants, waxes or glazes (using an iron remover to decontaminate the surface). This will ensure the paintwork is residue free and help the ceramic to bond to the prepared surface.


Once the surface is clean, a clay bar is recommended to remove any further contaminants that washing may have not picked up. This step is important as any contaminates that are not removed from the surface will remain under the ceramic coating causing damage to the paintwork.


This step ensures the paint is perfectly free of any imperfections and to leave the correct paint finish. Using a compound will help remove any scratches and swirl marks and to help ensure this step is done effectively a machine polisher is recommended.


Once the surface is all prepped the last step is to remove any remaining residue left by the polishing stage and to ensure the surface is as clean as possible. Using an alcohol based panel wipe ensures the area is degreased and unwanted oils are removed to leave a smooth finish behind. Now that the surface is thoroughly clean and residue free you are ready to apply your ceramic coating!

Many see ceramic coating as a complex application but as long as you follow these steps and take your time on each part, the ceramic you apply can last for years if the correct maintenance is followed.

If you have any issues or ceramic based questions you can email and one of our representatives will be happy to talk to you!